Boat tours.
Tour 1.5 - 2 hours SEK 350 for adult / youth, SEK150 for children aged 6-12 and children up to 6 years free. Minimum charge for a trip is SEK1900.

Boat charter.
1 hour SEK1900 and 2 hours SEK 3000 for maximum 8 passengers.


Boat taxi.

Entry fee SEK350 and then SEK 150 per nautic mile. Price including 6% VAT.

Taxi for cyclists between Kyrkesund and Mollösund.
For max four persons with bicycles and luggage, SEK 900.

Airplane tours.

Marstrand and around Tjörn SEK 3600 and The archipelago of south Bohuslän SEK 4200. Prices for maximum three passengers.

Airplane charter.

Flight time 30 minutes SEK 3000, 40 minutes SEK 3600 and 60 minutes SEK 4200. Prices for maximum three passengers.