We follow the coastline to Marstrand. When we pass Carlstens Fortress we steer towards the picturesque island of Åstol and then to Rönnäng.

The journey then goes over Klädesholmen and up to Skärhamn. In the west, we now see the island of Hamneskär with the old lighthouse Paternoster.

From Skarhamn we fly further north over Härön and Kyrkesund with the narrow strait which in summer is crowded with sailboats and powerboats.

When we turn eastwards in over the fjord of Stigfjorden we see the villages of Mollösund and Nösund in the north and Björholmen with its marina just south of us. Further east, we come to Stenungsund. We fly further over the Tjörn bridges and out of over the fjord of Hakefjorden on our way back to the airport.

Flight time approx 40 minutes.

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