When we start, we see the northern archipelago of Gothenburg westwards. Further north we pass Marstrand and the island Åstol and the village of Rönnäng. We fly towards Klädesholmen and Skärhamn after which we leave Tjörn's coastal strip north of Kyrkesund and Härön.

When we kommert over Orust we pass the villages of Mollosund and Nösund. On our way towards the lighthouse of Måseskärs and the pitoresque island of Kärringön we see the villages of Edshultshall and Hälleviksstrand east of us.

When we passed Kärringön we take a view on Gullholmen and then take off eastwards into the fjord. North of us, we can now see Grundsund and even a glimpse of the town Lysekil. After a while we turn south towards Stenungsund and the Tjörn bridges and further out over the fjord of Hakefjorden on our way to the airport.

Flight time approx 60 minutes.

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