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The tour starts in Skarhamn, Kyrkesund or at Björholmens Marina.

We come from the south towards Kyrkesund. Before we get into the strait, we pass the old train oil factory built in 1780 on the island of Kålhuvudet.  

When we come into the strait, we have Kyrkesund on the starboard side and the isle of Härön on the port side. We also pass the restaurant Magasinet på Härön.  

On the north side of Härön we steer towards the lighthouse Räbbehuvud and then we turn south again. We now have Härön on the port side and the group of islands of Grönskären on the starboard side. On the island Altarolmen we get a glimpse the remains of the old pilot station from the 1800s.  

A bit further on we go towards a peculiar rock formation in the shape of a dog at the water's edge.  

We then continue towards southeast to Skarhamn again.  

The tour takes about 1.5 hours .