The tour starts in Skärhamn.

We leave the port of Skärhamn and steer south and passes the Watercolour Museum on the port side.

After a while we enter the narrow channel that takes us south towards Flatholmen. We now pass one of the narrowest passages on the coast, Virgin hole.

Further south we are approaching Klädesholmen, the center of Swedish herring industry. On our way around Klädesholmen, we pass next to the statue "Faith, Hope and Love" by Claes Hake. Due south, we now see the outline of Carlstens Fortress on Marstrand.

We are now starting our journey back, passing under the bridge leading to Klädesholmen. On the port side, we now have the restaurant Salt & Sill (Salt and Herring) with its floating hotel. On the way back, we can behold the familiar silhouette of the lighthouse Paternoster.

The tour takes about 1.5 hours.


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